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What is an unsubscribe page and why should I use it?

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When sending out a campaign, we require that you include an unsubscribe link, which is a way your recipients can opt-out of your email list with a single click. When they click this unsubscribe link, they will be removed from the appropriate list in your account and then will be displayed a web page explaining to them that they have successfully been unsubscribed from the list.

By adding an unsubscribe page to your subscriber lists, the system will automatically redirect to this customized page after the subscriber has been removed. The unsubscribe confirmation page is usually a page on your site which matches your existing look and feel. You can set your own unsubscribe page by visiting the "Unsubscribe Options" for any given list.

And if you donít want to create your own unsubscribe page, you donít have to. We will simply redirect the user to a generic unsubscribe page letting them know they have successfully been removed from the list.

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